St Anselm Roman Catholic Church - Charitable Giving

St Anselm is a tithing church. We contribute a monthly tithe to the RCAB (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston) that totals $14,000 a year. In this way, St Anselm supports the charitable outreach of the RCAB. In addition, St Anselm also tithes through St. Vincent de Paul, our special RCAB collections, our giving tree and other outreach programs that we support at St. Anselm.

Although we no longer have a separate tithing committee, St. Anselm is following through on the legacy begun by Fr. Bertelli. The St Anselm tithe to RCAB significantly strengthened our financial commitment to charitable outreach and almost tripled our outreach through a separate tithing committee.

To assist St Anselm with our Charitable Outreach efforts, we strongly encourage our members to utilize our giving program through our 'Commitment of Treasure', weekly envelopes and our electronic giving program.

Thank you