Fr. Joseph Canavan

Celebrates 52 years of Priesthood

Tribute to Father Joe

May 23, 2022 

Dear Fr. Joe, 

This week as you celebrate 52 years of ordination to priesthood, our St. Anselm  family is grateful to God and thankful for you. Fifty two years of dedication,  experience and amazing memories tells an important story of service and love of  God. You are a priest with whom people can easily relate.  

 From the day you arrived, we have been blessed with the care you provide as a  shepherd for the flock. Your great sense of humor goes a long way to put people  at ease. You couldn’t have been prepared for outdoor Masses with falling snow or  howling winds, yet you took it all in stride and laughed with us as you were  dressed like the abominable snowman this winter!  

Visiting and helping with faith formation this year has allowed you and our young  people an opportunity to learn, to talk about God and our faith.  Your well prepared homilies provide rich points to ponder long after they are  delivered. We hear folks discussing them during the week. You could write a book  of sermons that would be a bestseller! 

Visiting our homebound members as a key ministry is a source of peace,  happiness and comfort to them and their families. 

Standing to say hello to people as they leave the outdoor Sunday Mass  continues to be a great way to meet and greet everyone. Kudos for that!  Your interest, support and participation in the Alpha program meant a great deal  to the participants and will bear much fruit in the future. 

We celebrate this important milestone in your life and look forward to continuing  the journey with you, our shepherd.. May God continue to bless you as you do  His will. Thank you for all you do for Him and for our community. You make a  difference in the lives of all of us in this little corner of His vineyard known as St.  Anselm.