Reverend James Bertelli


Fr. Bertelli was the beloved pastor at St. Anselm from 1983-2000. The Bertelli Scholarship, a scholarship in his name,  is awarded each Spring to those seeking to further their education.  St. Anselm’s is accepting donations in Fr. Bertelli’s honor to do some projects in the church and the Bertelli Chapel.  May he Rest in Peace. View Fr. Bertelli’s obituary.

Memories of Fr. Jim Bertelli

When I think of Fr. Jim Bertelli, what comes to mind immediately is his deep-rooted faith. He had an ability to share that faith through his homilies and interactions with people.

We were blessed to have him as Pastor of St. Anselm for 17 years. His laughter was contagious. Fr. Bertelli was a priest who showed his caring by reaching out to everyone.

He was open, honest and direct. Fr. Bertelli personally encouraged and invited us to participate at church, not to sit on the sidelines.

From the beginning, he wanted to get to know people, and soon we had name tags on tables in church for all of us to wear during Mass. He went out of his way to welcome and introduce folks to one another. That first welcome is always remembered.

For years, our Cursillo group met monthly in the rectory basement for faith sharing. He celebrated Mass and joined in one of the small groups following Mass.

Fr. Bertelli was a happy participant in parish shows – enchanting everyone with his magic tricks, which he also performed for our young faith formation classes. The delight on the faces of the children and their parents was heartwarming.

He was a mentor to men as they began the discernment process of priesthood, especially Fr. Rich Erikson and Fr. Brent Otto, as well as two parishioners who were ordained Deacons – Guy Spiri and Joe Ramrath. Most heartwarming was to be in Fr. Bertelli’s presence as he comforted the sick and dying. Many of us have memories of that caring that we will treasure forever.

When all is said and done, Fr. Bertelli was a good and faithful servant, who loved God and His people. May he Rest In Peace in the arms of his heavenly Savior.

Gail Trainor, Pastoral Council Chair