TITLE:                           Pastoral Associate 

REPORTS TO:              Priest/Chaplain appointed by the archdiocese

JOB PURPOSE:   The Pastoral Associate is a non-ordained professional lay ecclesial minister who shares with the priest/chaplain the overall pastoral care of St. Anselm Church. St. Anselm Church is a Caring, Committed, Catholic Community that embraces the roles of lay ministers and engaged volunteers working in collaboration with our priest/chaplain to sustain and lead a vibrant Catholic community. The ministry of the Pastoral Associate is a collaborative role alongside our priest/chaplain who focuses on sacramental ministries.  The principal ministries that the Pastoral Associate oversees are faith formation, youth programs, pastoral care and social outreach working with our robust structure of lay committees and a committed corps of volunteers.


  • Working with Liturgy Commission, Music Director and priest/chaplain to plan and collaborate on the conduct of our liturgical celebrations throughout the year.
  • Lead, collaborate or oversee retreats, prayer groups, small groups, stations of the cross and the rosary.
  • Be a significant presence at principal parish gatherings such as weekend liturgies, social functions and educational activities.
  • Oversee the development, implementation and regular assessment of effective models of evangelization, faith formation, catechesis and sacramental preparation for children, youth and young adult working in collaboration with the priest/chaplain and lay volunteers.
  • Recruit, supervise, and direct all volunteers working with our youth (ensuring that all volunteers are aware of and in compliance with the Archdiocesan Policy for Protecting God’s Children).
  • Provide oversight for all resources, programs and events pertaining to Faith Formation including Service opportunities, Archdiocesan Large Group Gatherings, Parent and Family events, Prayer and Worship in collaboration with lay volunteers
  • Actively plan and carry out with the help of the Welcome and Membership Committee evangelization and recruitment of new members of the community
  • Provide pastoral care for community members through all phases of life – birth, personal milestones, grief, marriage, job loss, illness, death
  • Maintain a strong personal witness supported by a vibrant individual and communal prayer life, participate regularly in the sacraments, and attend an annual spiritual retreat (for which an allowance will be provided).
  • Partner with assigned priest/chaplain, Business Manager and Office/Financial Administrator to ensure effective parish operations and pastoral ministry
  • Serve on Pastoral Council as ex-officio member with that body being the primary source of advising and planning to the Pastoral Associate.
  • Participate in regular staff meetings


  • Must be a practicing Catholic with a demonstrated fidelity to Church teaching and living the life of a committed disciple
  • Master’s degree in Divinity (M.Div.), Theology (Th.M.), Religious Education or the equivalent may be considered
  • Demonstrated leadership in a parish or diocesan program of religious education, school or institution, or the equivalent may be considered
  • Familiarity with effective models of evangelization and faith formation and the corresponding advantages and challenges
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability in oral, written, and electronic communication
  • Demonstrated and effective management, leadership, collaborative, diversity and group process skills
  • Familiarity with Sacred Scripture and basic Church documents regarding catechesis and evangelization 
  • Computer skills including but not limited to Microsoft Office, presentation software, internet use and social media outreach, etc.
  • Must be registered and certified or qualified to be certified by an archdiocese as a Pastoral Associate. 


  • Please direct all nominations, applications of interest and resumes to Caroline Llewellyn at stanselm@verizon.net.  Please include a cover letter along with your resume.
  • Alternatively, resumes and cover letters may be mailed to:

St. Anselm Church

100 Landham Road, Sudbury, MA 01742 / Attn: Caroline Llewellyn

  • Potential candidates with additional questions may also contact Caroline Llewellyn at (978) 443-8981