St. Anselm Roman Catholic Church Participation

Our motto says we are a “caring, committed, Catholic community” and we really mean it. The most visible sign of our commitment to each other and the way in which we live out these words on a day-to-day basis.

We would like to invite all to enter into this agreement with the other members of our community. It has three parts: First, there is a general commitment to fully participate in the life of the parish. Second, we invite you to make a specific commitment of time and talent. Finally, there is a commitment of treasure or financial support which we launched in August. The written commitments of time, talent and treasure are used by the parish to identify volunteers for various activities and to manage finances. We deeply appreciate your support.

Although making this commitment is not required for participation in the life of the community, we do encourage it because it greatly assists our planning. There may be some who prefer to make these kinds of commitments informally and silently. To those folks we give our thanks for their continued support.

Before completing this agreement, we ask you to pray, with your family if possible to discern what is right for you and your family. St. Anselm’s is a community of deep faith, and we know that the Lord will bless and provide for us.

Please return your agreement(s) in the basket at your earliest opportunity. You can also place it in the “One Shared Response” boxes at the entrances to our sanctuary.

On behalf of the entire community of St. Anselm Church,
Thank you!!!

The following forms are available for your use. Please print them on your local printer, and drop them in one of the collection baskets at the entrances to the church.